The post of detailed instruction to buy benefit investment package 300 percent with Sky Mining. Packages are in USD online with corresponding value $ 500, $ 1000, $ 3000, $ 5000.

Step 1: Opening account

You find out the collaborative project with the Sky Mining (companies use money to investors to make profits to pay investors to increase the value of up to 300%).

The company used your money to buy bitcoin diggers to share the opportunity and share the profits for you instead of the company has to spend large amount of money to eat alone …

After having done it then open an online account.

You click on referral link of person who gives you information about Sky Mining

This is our Team Register Link:

Link of left:

Link of right:

Working with our team, you will enjoy 100% enthusiastic support and branch building for you so you will be given priority in advance if you come early. If you do not quite understand, please call us

HOTLINE: 0971.079.076 (Mr Huy) or can add friend through Zalo, Facebook with me via above phone number. The staff will advisory for you conscientiously…

Step 2: Prepare money for individuals

After creating an account, I will instruct you to create an account and enter your email to confirm (Verify Email), note an account that only buy 1 investment package, an Email can create multiple accounts to purchase multiple packages.If you buy $ from other Skimming Investors then I will contact the community Sky Mining, however you should choose a reputable person to trade. The highest price charged for you is about 25,000 VND for 1 USD. If you directly submit by using Bitcoin, then prepare Bitcoin in the Blockchain wallet. (For Blockchain purse, enter into

You can buy bitcoin on Remitano or anywhere.

Step 3: Transfering the money to Symining wallet

If you buy from the inside, you give Nickname information and your full name so that the seller will transfer directly into the correct account.

(Example: Nickname is: bossskymining, Full name: Nguyen Khac Huy).

If you are submitting Bitcoin from Blockchain, please login to Sky Mining / Select Members.

Transfering into the wallet on the screen, if using the phone then select the wallet scan function automatically, press to Confirm, within 2 seconds the money will be successfully transferred from your Blockchain to the Sky Mining wallet.

Step 4: Activating the member to purchase the investment package.

Entering into the member part, then activating members.

Deciding to choose buy any package, suitable for your needs and choose one of the following packages:

After successful activation, you wait after 7 days and start receiving profit from the company automatically returns about 0.8 percent per day (including Saturday and Sunday).

If you introduce additional any agent or open a new package under you, you are immediately transferred 5 percent of the value of the new investment package.

Wishing you success and financial freedom as soon as possible.

All your complaints please contact us through Hotline: 0971.079.076 ( Zalo, Facebook)

Investing guide with Sky Mining – Investing to benefit 300 percent with Sky Mining
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